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Some say that the Danish concept of Hygge, or as I like to say "Hooga", cannot be translated into English; that there just isn't the words to convey what it means. That doesn't mean I'm not going to try...

Hygge is the Danish art of embracing the little treasures in life, the important things, our social relationships. It’s about being comfortable and cosy, lazy even. It’s about enjoying every moment without worrying about the next. Practicing hygge can mean hunkering down in a small coffee shop on a windy and rainy evening and losing yourself in a good book with a hot chocolate, topped with a few marshmallows and cream of course. But it can also mean a slow stroll down your favourite beach on a lazy summer afternoon, laughing as dogs chase their tennis balls into the breaking waves. It is often referred to as the overlooked ingredient in the recipe for happiness.

I recently realised that life shouldn't be so stressful and filled with worry and regret. Sometimes it’s the small things we take for granted, that are the key to happiness. I am a beach lover and I find my hygge in walking my dog along the beach, with the sand between my toes.

I set my heart on starting Hooga after my first trip to Cornwall. My love for the seaside towns and small fishing villages is just far to great to justify with words alone. Every year without fail I head down to Tenby in south Wales, it has a special place in my heart. After all who doesn't enjoy picking shells along the beach and then heading back to the pub for a cider, or two?

My aim is to put together a collection of little treasures that inspire and help you to find your hygge. My promise to you is that every item you find here on my little shop will have been discovered and collected with a love and hope that it will bring you happiness, and to help you create an environment where you can discover your hygge.

I love travelling, exploring and embarking on new adventures. I hope you can join me on this adventure. At the end of the day, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. I hope Hooga inspires you to do what makes you happy and helps you cherish every moment, and every day.

With Love, The Girl In The Yellow Wellies
P.s. Our time is limited, let’s not waste it…


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