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Why we all need to Fika

Why we all need to Fika


A Swedish concept meaning "to have coffee"

Fifa Coffee Break


Along with the fabulous Danish concept of Hygge, we have the equally as hard to translate Swedish concept of Fika. 

To Fika, you would enjoy a proper good coffee break. I'm not talking a rushed five minute job waiting in another overly crowded line at Starbucks or Costa. I mean a good and proper coffee break. Find a lovely coffee shop, meet up with friends and enjoy a real good, heart warming coffee. 

Spending time on your break or meeting up with your friends, you should embrace every moment, enjoy every chance to relax and take every little thing in. Do you know what? You can even add a little pastry or cake to your Fika. 

Fifa Coffee Break


Fifa Coffee Break

Fika is more than just a coffee break. It's a chance to share ideas with colleagues, connect and socialise and simply relax.  In fact some believe that the best ideas are created during Fika. 

So, I think it's time that we start spending more time enjoying the little things we take for granted, such as, our very previous coffee breaks. 


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